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The Rutherfurd Living History site is built on the open source content manager WordPress.

Videos are hosted on YouTube, but played by a local instance of Able Player, an open source video player that supports the open standard WebVTT.

Transcripts are formatted as WebVTT, and include a timecode for each sentence of text. Able Player matches the timecode in the transcript to the timecode in the video to give you an interactive transcript.

Our best practices for formatting transcripts are detailed in The InSite System and InSite: A Guide for Recording, Transcribing and Publishing Interviews.



Word Press

WordPress plug-ins
Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Posts 2 Posts enables supporting content

Able Player Video player (open source)
If you’re a developer, consider helping improve Able Player

WebVTT Standard

Rutherfurd Living History GitHub repository
Wordpress template (open source):

Plug-ins for Able Player that add advanced search abilities (open source):

If you’re a developer, consider helping improve the InSite software