Yvonne Mokgoro

Yvonne Mokgoro is a former justice of the South African Constitutional Court. She was appointed by Nelson Mandela in 1994, and served until she retired in 2009 at the end of her 15-year term. Along with Albie Sachs, she played a pivotal role not only in landmark judicial decisions, but also in shaping the iconography of the court, particularly its focus on ubuntu and community-based justice. Mokgoro was interviewed by visiting professor of public policy Catherine Admay, associate professor of Islamic studies Ebrahim Moosa, and associate professor of cultural anthropology Diane Nelson on April 21, 2009. The interview was conducted shortly before Mokgoro's retirement from the court. In it, they discuss her inspiration for becoming a lawyer, influential court decisions in which she was involved, and how to translate and represent justice in art and writing.

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