Thomas Barnwell

Thomas C. Barnwell, Jr., a native of Hilton Head, SC, began his work in community service at Penn Community Service, Inc. While at the Penn Center, he worked in community organization, program planning, federal program orientation and implementation. His community service work continued as he held positions as Assistant Director for Beaufort-Jasper Hampton Economic Opportunity Commission, Executive Director of Beaufort-Jasper-Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. and the Regional Director of National Consumer Cooperative Bank, Charleston South Carolina branch. He has testified before the United States Committee on Hunger and Malnutrition and Human Needs and participated in President John F. Kennedy’s To Fulfill These Rights Committee. Barnwell, who was involved in securing affordable housing, healthcare and employment for the natives of Hilton Head Island, is a land developer and a private business owner of rental properties.

Interviewed by Professor of History Robert Korstad, November 30, 1992.

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