Robert Lampman

Robert Lampman (D. 1997) served on the staff of President John F. Kennedy’s Council of Economic Advisers. While on the staff of the council, Mr. Lampman warned the White House that rapid economic growth alone would not eliminate poverty. Along with Walter Heller, Lampman’s knowledge of the issues proved a good fit: the chapter on poverty in the 1964 Economic Report of the President, which was written by Mr. Lampman, provided the blueprint for the Johnson Administration’s antipoverty initiative. He returned to the University of Wisconsin in the mid-1960′s with Federal financing for a permanent center to monitor the antipoverty effort. He remained politically active, pressing for a ”negative income tax” or guaranteed annual income for the poor. That movement eventually bore fruit in the earned-income tax credit.

Interviewed by Professor of History Robert Korstad, April 10, 1992.

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