Michael I of Romania

King Michael of Romania was deposed by the Soviets in 1947 and replaced by a Communist dictatorship, but played an instrumental role in the convoluted politics of Eastern Europe during the Second World War. He helped orchestrate a coup of the German-backed dictator of Romania, Ion Antonescu, in August 1944, and sought to counter the increasing involvement of Moscow in postwar Romanian politics. In 1990, five Research Triangle based academics—Professors Joel Colton and Warren Lerner of Duke University, Professor Joseph Anderli of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Professor Alexander De Grand of North Carolina State University, and Roy Melbourne, diplomat in residence at Duke—conducted a four-hour interview with King Michael. This interview covers his life from his birth as crown prince during the interbellum period, to his thoughts on the Romanian situation during the bloody aftermath of the Ceausescu dictatorship that ended in 1989. This interview was annotated by Alan Ko.

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