Emma Gresham

Headshot of Emma Gresham

Emma R. Gresham is a retired schoolteacher and former mayor of Keysville, Georgia. Gresham helped restore the government of Keysville in 1985, fifty years after it had been dismantled, disenfranchising a largely black community of their voting rights. Gresham became mayor in 1988, as the result of the first Municipal Election to be held in fifty-five years. As mayor, she achieved basic services for her community including indoor plumbing, which most of the residents did not have, sanitation pick-up, a library, fire protection, a health clinic, playground, streets named, city lights, the participating Certified Literacy Program, and a sewage grant. Gresham was an Essence Awards Honoree and was named one of the One Hundred Eckerd Women, which recognizes women with above excellent volunteer records in the United States. Interviewed by Robert Korstad, Kevin D. Gorter Professor of Public Policy and History, November 5, 1992. Note: This interview is audio only. The transcript below is not synchronized with the audio.

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